Nos soins en institut

"Discover Naturo-Esthétique™: Your Gateway to Natural Beauty and Active Bio-Cosmetics".

Forget what you know about traditional beauty salons and their classic beauticians. Naturo-Esthétique™ sets itself apart by training women committed to natural beauty, aromatherapy, and phytotherapy, who have made the choice to specialize in active bio-cosmetic protocols.

Specific training:
Each Naturo-Esthetician receives comprehensive, specific training. This training includes Phyt's face and body care protocols, as well as the specific features of each of the brand's products. Each treatment requires a precise gesture, inspired by the techniques of Chinese medicine, shiatsu, reflexology, Californian modeling, lymphatic drainage, and relaxation.

Personalized advice :
Your Naturo-Esthetician will listen to your needs. After an in-depth beauty diagnosis, she will advise you according to your skin type and lifestyle. The use of Phyt's organic products combined with unique, technical sculpting techniques will guarantee you an exceptional experience of well-being.

Customized Beauty Program:
To extend the benefits of your salon treatments, your Naturo-Esthetician will recommend a personalized beauty program for you to follow at home.

Trust your Naturo-Esthétician and Phyt's products to watch over your beauty like guardian angels.